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New craft brewery moving to Plaza Midwood

Even more craft beer is making its way to the Queen City, with a new brewery that is slated to open late Spring/early Summer this year, and that will be opening in a very desirable neighborhood. Located just a block from the Harris Teeter in the heart of Plaza Midwood, Resident Culture brewery will be occupying an old warehouse that is just steps from the former Tommy’s Pub, a dive bar that closed down in order to make space for this new project.

The brewery is aiming to create a neighborhood hang out with a strong focus on the tap room, which will include “freshness in hoppy beers, and a robust barrel aging program,” where beers will be “aged in wine, bourbon and other spirit barrels.The large stainless steel brewing equipment in the tap room will be front and center and beer will be served not from kegs, but from the large tanks where the beer is brewed.In addition to the 2,500 square-foot tap room, patrons can also enjoy a 1,500 square-foot covered patio and a quite sizable 4,000 square-foot outdoor biergarten, a prefect spot for imbibing this summer.

For more details and information on the new Resident Culture brewery that is set to open soon in Plaza Midwood, be sure to stay up to date on the brewery’s status on their facebook page.

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