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More burgers and beer are coming to NoDa

A new dining spot is moving in to NoDa.

A 5,000 square-foot restaurant space at the corner of North Davidson and 36th Street

is soon going to be home to Moo & Brew’s second location. The original Moo & Brew restaurant/bar that opened last May is in Plaza Midwood, and it is only half the size of the new locale. In addition to hosting more patrons, the additional space will provide for several walk-in refrigerators as well as 44 taps for plenty of beer. The menu, which will include burgers, southern-inspired side dishes, and of course, beer, will be nearly identical to the menu at the original location, with only a few small changes.

The success and popularity of the first Moo & Brew lead the restaurant’s owners to open up the second location, and “like Plaza Midwood, NoDa has that creative vibe that [they] love. The art and the music fit well with [their] concept.”

For more details on the new eatery, be sure to check out the full article at


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