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Neighborhood Spotlight: Midwood

Midwood is known as one of the most eclectic and diverse neighborhoods in downtown Charlotte. The neighborhood was first established in the early 1900s as a streetcar suburb and has since been filled with different restaurants, art galleries, and other fun things to do. This historic neighborhood is also features a community garden, shaded walking paths, and is home to one of Charlotte’s most prestigious country clubs Midwood currently has many bungalow style homes on the market that have been restored to their historic condition.

Currently, Midwood has around 4.5 months of inventory making it more of a sellers market, which matches the market in Charlotte as a whole. However there are 57 homes currently on the market giving buyers many different options to choose from.

In the last year the average selling price of Midwood homes and the average price per square foot have only increased a small amount despite a much larger increase in number of homes sold per month.

The average list price for a home in Midwood is around $580,000 but homes have been sold for as low as $180,000 and as high as $1.2 million. With so many options and price points to choose from, this historic neighborhood is definitely worth checking out!

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