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Charlotte skyline is well-lit

Plenty of new buildings are gracing the Uptown Charlotte skyline, and in addition to changing the way the city looks during the day, these new towers are also creating quite a view at night. Colored lighting is adding a splash of color, which is usually reserved for holidays and sporting events, but will sometimes make other fun appearances.

The Bank of America tower in Uptown, which is the tallest building in the city standing at 60 stories high, recently upgraded the lights around the top of its building allowing it to easily transition to a variety of LED color schemes, offering a much more efficient and less labor-intensive process than the previous outdated light system.

The new 25-story 300 South Tryon office tower is currently undergoing light testing on a nightly basis, with plans to open as well as to debut their lights this summer. Most recently, the lights here have been red, white and blue, seeming to get ready for the upcoming Fourth of July.

The Vue apartment tower also takes advantage of colorful lighting for special events, contributing to the beauty of the Uptown nighttime skyline. Duke Energy Center is also a major contributor to the colorful lineup.

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