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iBuyers in the Charlotte Real Estate Market

You have heard the buzz and you want the scoop - what's an iBuyer and how do they affect the Charlotte real estate market? iBuyers are companies that purchase homes directly from the seller, which means no listing photos, marketing, showings or open houses, and a quick close. iBuyers use market data to determine how much to initially offer for the home then inspect the property and adjust the initial offer based on repairs. In many cases, iBuyers are looking for properties with basic cosmetic repairs that can easily be fixed and sold for profit.

Homeowners that need to relocate quickly or homeowners that do not have the funds to make necessary repairs might find iBuyers attractive. iBuyers capitalize off of these

situations to make a profit. Homeowners aren't always offered full market value for their home and could end up profiting significantly less than if they had used a

traditional Listing Agent. Past sales data and algorithms are not a substitute for market

expertise. When you hire a Listing Agent, the Market Analysis is paired with the Listing

Agent's personal market knowledge to make sure your home is price competitively.

“Competitively” means your home is priced correctly compared not only to past sales, but also homes that are currently on the market and homes in our network that are about to enter the market.

Before you consider selling your Charlotte home to an iBuyer, contact the experts at Savvy + Co for a personalized market analysis. This service is completely free with no obligation. Why? I want the chance to show you my expertise as a top Charlotte real estate agent.




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