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The Art of Home Styling, Staging + Selling

Styling and staging assures your home shows its full potential, which makes a huge difference when selling your home. Homes that are styled and staged not only sell quicker but at higher price and return on investment. It's important to understand how to properly style your home and when you need to invest in staging. Here are some cost-effective examples to maximize profit:

Update outdated cabinets or walls with fresh, new paint. Replace old lighting with new fixtures and use bright white light bulbs.

Hire an interior designer to restyle your home. Begin the packing process by decluttering and move furniture to open up the space. Use right-sized furniture to show how each room should be utilized.

Always stage vacant listings to help potential buyers visual living in the space.

Want to learn more? My team of experts would be happy to discuss the next steps in getting your home ready to sell.




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