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Are you considering selling your home without a Realtor?

Are you considering selling your home without the help of a real estate agent? For Sale By Owners (FSBO - pronounced fizz-bow in the real estate business!) have become increasingly popular due to the increase in technology. Yet, Zillow research found that of the 36% of sellers who attempt to sell their homes on their own, only 11% end up selling without the help of a real estate agent. In other words, most FSBOs encounter unexpected challenges that lead them into eventually hiring an agent.

Here’s how hiring a Savvy agent can help:

Savvy Suggestions – Our agents are constantly showing homes in the Charlotte market, whether that’s touring the home with a potential buyer or presenting a Customer Market Analysis (CMA – there is no fun way to pronounce this one) to a potential seller. Simply put, Savvy agents know what buyers want and understand how to market your home to the broadest audience. Savvy agents have an established network of handymen, general contractors, landscapers, stagers, and photographers to showcase your home in the best light possible. What adjustments or improvements can be made in order to sell the home for top dollar, in the least amount of time?

Savvy Pricing – Past sales data and algorithms are not a substitute for market expertise. Savvy agents combine CMAs with their personal market knowledge to make sure your home is priced competitively. When we say “competitively,” we mean your home is priced correctly compared not only to past sales, but also homes that are currently on the market and homes in our network that are about to enter the market. A home that’s priced too high will turn potential buyers away while accumulating unnecessary Days on Market (DOM – another acronym!).

Savvy Marketing – Our Savvy experts make marketing look easy, just as Michael Jordan could effortlessly dunk a basketball. We understand that today’s home buyers start their home search online. Without an agent, FSBOs miss the widespread exposure of the Carolina Multiple Listing Service (MLS – we really love those acronyms!). MLS syndicates to websites such as Zillow,, Trulia, and more. Savvy and Company invests time and money making sure that our homes obtain the largest exposure in the Charlotte market. Our relationships with local media (Charlotte Five, Charlotte Agenda and more) and other realtors (within and outside our brokerage!) gives our listing tons of publicity that FSBOs miss out on.

Savvy Showing Technology – If you’re still reading this Selling Guide and have not picked up the phone to call your Savvy Agent, please be aware that the biggest headache is yet to come. *Takes deep breath.* As a FSBO, you have the daunting task of prospecting buyers, scheduling tours, and making yourself available to show your property. When you list with a Savvy agent, you are exposed to their network of home buyers and showings are automatically scheduling through ShowingTime. Your only job is to keep the home tidy and to leave before the showing begins. The rest is up to the experts! Agents in the Carolina MLS access your home through secure Supra iBox lockboxes, which record exactly when the box is opened and which agent is opening the box. This ensures the right people are touring your home at the right time. ShowingTime automatically collects feedback from Realtors and potential buyers. Potential buyers could be hesitant or unwilling to give you this feedback directly and it could be helpful in adjusting the price or making improvements to your home.

Savvy Paperwork – Savvy agents not only understand the necessary paperwork, disclosures and addendums needed to sell your home, but we also understand how to negotiate with these documents to give you peace of mind. Hiring a Savvy agent helps you avoid legal problems and technicalities.

At Savvy and Company, we understand that selling your home requires way more than sticking our trendy teal signs in the yard. We are flattered by those FSBOs who think we make it look easy! Save yourself the headache – take advantage of our Savvy expertise and start packing!

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